Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eulogy of uncertainty

A personal breakthrough moment in my life was the realization that uncertainty can be taken advantage of.
Life is a permanent challenge that cannot be taken up through fear. No careful planning will ever get you anywhere in life since planning is done according to what you know at the time of planning while new factors keep coming in every instant.

Let yourself be uncertain, the best in your life will catch you by surprise and the worst cannot be predicted anyway. By letting yourself be uncertain you simply let go of fear and there comes a joy and energy that allows you to be the best you can be.

Contrary to what we tend to believe, uncertainty is not synonymous with ignorance.
As we enter a knowledge economy, knowing becomes essential. Since we despise ignorance, striving for the truth is replaced by a frantic thirst for accumulating information just so we can fill up the emptiness, this despicable sense of not knowing. We look for answers, no matter what. We'd rather have an answer, whatever its actual value might be, than dwell on uncertainty. It feels comfortable to have answers. We run from uncertainty and all we get is a false sense of knowing.
In doing so, we blind ourselves.

Clinging to what we think we know is meant to make us feel more secure. However, hardly anything important in life can be ascertained or predicted and the Truth is not forever. To know the Truth one must have a quick mind not burdened by Knowledge. Knowledge is good when it allows you to go beyond it. Knowledge is a poison when you cling to it. This fake sense of security, sought through knowledge, is a dangerous illusion.
Resisting something that cannot be avoided is pointless, resisting uncertainty is like resisting life and drains you of energy.

When you finally allow yourself to be uncertain, without judging and labelling yourself as ignorant, there comes a genuine questioning and quest for Truth in which you don't look for answers just to be reassured. Answers cannot be searched for per say, they can only be invited. You cannot find them, you must let them find you.

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