Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shame on those who give greater importance to conveniency

The United Nations are planning to abolish the use of traditional chinese.

For some reasons of conveniency, people working at UN seem to be calling for the use of the simplified version as a replacement.

What an insult in the face of human's intelligence and cultural heritage!
It's not that difficult to make a little effort and learn a more complicated, yet all the more enriching version of a writing system.
I don't know any chinese, but I know this decision is all about laziness that will lead up to empoverishment.
If I were to learn chinese for my own pleasure, I would certainly study the simplified version, but if I were to work tightly with chinese people, in such an organization, I wouldn't find it useless to be so respectful as to learn the traditional version.

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Anonymous said...

Quite a sad history. Can't understand either why such brillant ppl try to ban linguistic diversity.

What about banning every languages except english ? An actual time saving...

Nick said...

That's what some people would like to see. It would be terrible even for English itself. Let us hope this disgraceful STORY does not come true HISTORY ;)